How to Use Elementor in WordPress?

Elementor is one of the most famous plugins and still being the most downloaded plugin with over 5+ Million users

Elementor is a plugin that is a tool used to design pages, also called a page builder for WordPress, which has over 5+ Million users having it as active installation on their webpages worldwide. The software provides weekly and monthly major updates keeping the plugin free of bugs, and at an affordable cost designing your own website from scratch.

Using it is not that difficult, for the first few minutes things might feel complicated, but with that users get used to it and it feels much easier.

Elementor Worth Buying in 2020?

How to install elementor?

Like any other WordPress plugins, installing a plugin like elementor is pretty straight forward.
You have various ways like

Installing from Official Website:

  • Go to and Register.
  • After entering your email address and click on subscribe and Download the plugin
  • You will receive a Zip File on your desktop
  • Go to WordPress DashBoard > Plugin > Add New
  • Upload the Plugin and activate it
  • Congratulation Elementor latest version is installed

Installing Via WordPress Dashboard [ No need for Download ]

  • From Your Dashboard of WordPress head over to plugin
  • Plugin> Add New = and in the search field, enter Elementor and Install the plugin
  • After installation and activation, check your pages to verify if it is successfully installed
  • Congratulation Elementor is finally installed.

How to Use it?

For Posts/Pages

Head over to the dashboard, then post/pages. While creating a new post/page you will find an option to use elementor or edit any previous post with elementor

You will be treated with a new look on the page, showcasing your original site. On this page, you have in-depth features and widgets to customize the page as you wish.

Make sure you click on Publish on the bottom head to public the post.

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