JustAnotherPanel Review – Everything You Need To Know About JAP To Grow Social Media 2021

JustAnotherPanel also popularly known by the name JAP is just like any other SMM Panel which provides social media boosting services being active for many years now.

SMM panels can be very cheap now, but finding just panels could be hard. JustAnotherPanel got you covered with over 10+ payment methods worldwide and also with over 100+ services.

Creating Account on JustAnotherPanel

Creating an Account on JustAnotherPanel is very simple, Just Click on Sign Up > Enter Email and password. Confirming your Email address and simple you are in the panel. There is no need for extra verification or ID card verification non of those scams.

How to Add Balance on JustAnotherPanel?

Topping up / Adding Balance on your SmmWorldPanel would allow you to make orders, in order to do it.

  • Click on Add Funds and then Choose your Method
  • Depending on Your Payment Method you also get Extra Bonus credits.
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Currently these sites support over 10+ Payment method which includes these:
Keep in mind depending on your payment method, your gateway might charge fee like
Bitcoin charges fee for every transcation / PayPal also charges fee.
So Making a Payment of over $10+ always helps.

How to Make an Order on JustAnotherPanel?

Before making an order make sure you have added balance in your panel.
JustAnotherPanel offers over 100+ Services which can be found here, the prices might vary depending on discounting conditions and market trends.

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To create order:

  • Click on New Order
  • Select your Category
  • Choose the services
  • Enter your Social Link or Social Photo or Social Tag.. etc
  • Keep in mind different category has different minimum quantity, most of them have 1000 as minimum charge quantity.
  • Hit on Submit

Affiliate Program on JustAnotherPanel

JustAnotherPanel also offers an affiliate where you can earn a commission rate of 1% for every purchase made by a user referred customers. In order to get paid out, you need to have $10.00, you can also use this payout to be used directly in the panel.

Child Panel on JustAnotherPanel

JustAnotherPanel offers ChildPanel for $20 which means you can use all the services of JustAnotherPanel provides in your own sites as your own service at your own price.

Price: $20


In my opinion, JustAnotherPanel is a good choice and trusted with orders activated instantly and the ticket response is mostly under 12 hours, considering the panel gets over 100+ every 2 hours.

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